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Our mission - to make you feel confident within the Functional Medicine field

Second Opinion

Our service where we offer a "2nd Opinion" on your treatment plan
Analysing lab reports and developing a treatment plan is time-consuming, complex and difficult
Don't question yourself - we will help you become the best practitioner you can be!

We help you find that confidence!

2nd Opinion


When you upload 1-2 Lab Tests and a Treatment plan

2nd Opinion


When you upload 3-4 Lab Tests and a Treatment plan

2nd Opinion


When you upload 5 or more Lab Tests and a Treatment plan

2nd Opinion


When you need help to look thru your clients lifestyle plan

Get connected

We believe that we can all benefit from helping each other within the Functional Medicine community and that we will all gain from a strong community.
Welcome to FMC's caring community!
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To be your best friend in

Functional Medicine

Second Opinion on your treatment plan

A helping hand when you need it


Let us learn from each other in a caring community! 

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